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[ljcom] r9930: OPSC-247: ML variables added for game in...

Committer: vtroitsky
OPSC-247: ML variables added for game invitation window.

U   trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat
Modified: trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat
--- trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat	2011-01-21 03:54:34 UTC (rev 9929)
+++ trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat	2011-01-21 05:36:12 UTC (rev 9930)
@@ -2720,6 +2720,8 @@
 intel.text=MyLifeScoop is a website that helps people learn how to take everyday tasks and do them better, faster and smarter. Your answer to today’s Writer’s Block just may be the solution someone is looking for!  Plus, when you cross-post today's Writer's Block answer to, you're automatically entered to win a $500 Best Buy gift certificate! Read the official rules <a href="">here</a>.
+ippu.bubble.nofriends_text=You have no any mutual friends or they all have been already joined that game!
 ippu.bubble.text=You can add users from this list by clicking username.
 ippu.bubble.text.remove=You can remove users from this list by hovering over the username and clicking the "x" button.
@@ -6281,6 +6283,8 @@
 userapps.invitation.subject=Join me in "[[name]]" game!
 userapps.invite_friends=None of your friends are currently playing games. You should invite them to play!

Tags: dat, ljcom, sunnyman

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