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[ljcom] r9886: OPSC-219 Updated default games descripti...

Committer: vtroitsky
OPSC-219 Updated default games descriptions.
U   trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat
Modified: trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat
--- trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat	2010-12-22 09:45:37 UTC (rev 9885)
+++ trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat	2010-12-22 10:09:13 UTC (rev 9886)
@@ -6191,6 +6191,48 @@
 userapps.application.4.invitation.body=It'r really great application Cars
+userapps.application.5.description=Buckle up and get ready for the tycoon race! Build a Car empire together with your friends and get yourself a fancy car! The world of crazy cars is waiting for you, take your road to scuccess!
+userapps.application.5.invitation.body=Let's build The Great Carm Empire tigether in [[name]] game! So <lj-app key="[[key]]" title="join me">!
+ West Trains
+userapps.application.6.description=Build your train empire, protect your trains from robbers or rob others trains yourself! Become a railroad tycoon of the Wild West!
+userapps.application.6.invitation.body=Let's play [[name]] together! <lj-app key="[[key]]" title="Join me!">
+ Paradise
+userapps.application.7.description=Cute pets are waiting for you and your care! Feed them well, share your care and they will grow strong and beautiful.
+userapps.application.7.invitation.body=Join me in [[name]]! Let's <lj-app key="[[key]]" title="play"> together!
+ Test Application
+userapps.application.8.description=IFrame test application for LJ JS API
+userapps.application.8.invitation.body=Join me in testing LJ JS API throw <lj-app key="[[key]]" extra="[[extra]]">. Let's join our efforts to make world and LJ better!<br/> <lj-app key="[[key]]" title="Join me!"> 
+userapps.application.9.description=Create your own airport! Build runways, book the flights and receive an income! Develop yourself from a simple Sesna plane to a massive Spaceship!
+userapps.application.9.invitation.body=Join me in &laquo;[[name]]&raquo; game!
+userapps.application.10.description=Ever dreamed of being a doctor and help people? Then this is your chance! Hire doctors, research disease, build diagnostics cabinets and treatment rooms. Cure friends and lead your hospital to success!
+userapps.application.10.invitation.body=Join me in &laquo;[[name]]&raquo; game!
+userapps.application.11.description=LiveGames - a set of multiplayer games: here you can play in both card games, puzzles  and some analogues of popular board games. The game is played on special chips that a player can win, buy, or if he was not fortunate get daily in some limited number.
+userapps.application.11.invitation.body=Join me in &laquo;[[name]]&raquo; game, <lj-app key="[[key]]" extra="[[extra]]">! 
 userapps.app_install.title=Do you want to install &laquo;[[name]]&raquo;?
 userapps.app_install.desc=This application &laquo;[[name]]&raquo; must have following permissions: [[list]] 
@@ -6223,6 +6265,10 @@
 userapps.hints_widget=Helpfull Hints
+userapps.invitation.subject=Join me in "[[name]]" game!
 userapps.invite_friends=None of your friends are currently playing games. You should invite them to play!
 userapps.login_to_play=<a href="[[url]]">Login for play!</a>
@@ -6239,8 +6285,6 @@
 userapps.who_playing_widget=Who else is playing?
-userapps.invitation.subject=Join me in [[name]] application!
 typepad.agree=I agree to cross-post this LiveJournal entry to <a href="[[typepad_url]]">TypePad Conversations</a> and enter to win The Sims 3 Ambitions Expansion Pack.
 typepad.qotd.header=Share Your Answer for a Chance to Win The Sims 3 Ambitions Expansion Pack

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