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[ljcom] r9863: OPSC-219 Games description updated.

Committer: vtroitsky
OPSC-219 Games description updated.
U   trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat
Modified: trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat
--- trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat	2010-12-17 10:12:10 UTC (rev 9862)
+++ trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat	2010-12-17 13:04:00 UTC (rev 9863)
@@ -6163,8 +6163,10 @@
 userapps.access.profile_rw.desc=The application &laquo;[[name]]&raquo; gets full read and write access to your profile information, including your <b>identification</b>, <b>contacts</b> and <b>location</b>, <b>except primary email</b> and access to read data available to you from profiles of your friends and other registered users.
-userapps.access.public_play.title=Do you want to be found by other users who want to play games? In this case you will be in &laquo;Who else is playing?&raquo; widget on game playing page.
+userapps.access.public_play.title=Do you want to be found by other users who have been already playing that game?
+userapps.access.public_play.desc=In case you argeed you may be showed in &laquo;Who else is playing?&raquo; widget on that game playing page for non your friends users.
+ Application 1
 userapps.application.1.description=OS Test Application
@@ -6173,13 +6175,13 @@ Frenzy. The neighbours.
-userapps.application.2.description=It's a place where you can rest, look after your pets, manufacture different kinds of produtcs and catching bears into the cage. All this and much more you can do with your friends! It's much more fun to do together, so join us!
+userapps.application.2.description=Farm Frenzy the neighbours - being alone at the farm is not being a real farmer! Play with friends, make new friendship, catch bears, grow grass and much more. Farm - is fun!
 userapps.application.2.invitation.body=It'r really great application &laquo;[[name]]&raquo; Farm of Happiness
-userapps.application.3.description=It's your little  paradise in a hectic world. Build your own farm, the way you want it, take good care of your plants and pets, present gifts and receive gifts from friends. Show everybody that your farm is the best one!
+userapps.application.3.description=You are the owner of a little piece of the land. Grow all kinds of vegetables and fruits, dilute pets and soon your farm will be the most developed and beautiful farm in whole world!
 userapps.application.3.invitation.body=It'r really great application &laquo;[[name]]&raquo;

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