Tupshin Harper (tupshin) wrote in changelog,
Tupshin Harper

[livejournal] r15174: Re-added missing hotmail password reset ...

Committer: tupshin
Re-added missing hotmail password reset check

U   trunk/htdocs/lostinfo.bml
Modified: trunk/htdocs/lostinfo.bml
--- trunk/htdocs/lostinfo.bml	2009-05-14 10:34:07 UTC (rev 15173)
+++ trunk/htdocs/lostinfo.bml	2009-05-14 11:30:51 UTC (rev 15174)
@@ -128,6 +128,11 @@
         # check if this email address can receive password reminders
         $email ||= $u->email_raw;
+        #temporary hotmail hack
+        if ($email=~/hotmail\.com$/) {
+            return LJ::bad_input('Lost Information emails have been temporarily disabled for Hotmail email addresses. Please use another email address or email support@livejournal.com with your request.');
+        }
         return LJ::bad_input($ML{'/lostinfo_do.bml.error1.text'})
             unless $u->can_receive_password($email);


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