Henry Lyne (henrylyne) wrote in changelog,
Henry Lyne

[livejournal] r14794: LJSV-526: Fix Verizon picture posts.

Committer: henrylyne
LJSV-526: Fix Verizon picture posts.
Change how we strip off the footer of the VZW Pic emails so that the invalid character gets removed too. This new regular expression should match more variations of the footer.

U   trunk/cgi-bin/ljemailgateway.pl
Modified: trunk/cgi-bin/ljemailgateway.pl
--- trunk/cgi-bin/ljemailgateway.pl	2009-01-22 12:03:18 UTC (rev 14793)
+++ trunk/cgi-bin/ljemailgateway.pl	2009-01-22 14:37:50 UTC (rev 14794)
@@ -318,7 +318,7 @@
     # verizon crap.  remove paragraphs of text.
-    $body =~ s/This message was sent using.+?Verizon.+?faster download\.//s;
+    $body =~ s/This message was sent.+?Verizon.+\.//s;
     # virgin mobile adds text to the *top* of the message, killing lj-headers.
     # Kill this silly (and grammatically incorrect) string.


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