October 18th, 2011

  • b_vladi

[livejournal] r20361: LJSV-1832: RTE not saving edits

Committer: vkurkin
LJSV-1832: RTE not saving edits
LJSV-1828: Double-click to open context menu
LJSV-1862: Wizard in HTML-mode
LJSV-1860: RTE image wizard is not working for images
LJSV-1719: Users can type text in ljilike field in new RTE and lj-like block as result not showed in posted entry
LJSUP-9955: Incorrect working button "Link" in RTE
LJSUP-9949: Js error when click lj-cut in IE7 (with paragraph)
LJSUP-9919: Incorrect working lj-like wizard
LJSUP-9877: RTE - selected block
LJSUP-9802: Need disable auto formatting for RTE editor
U   trunk/htdocs/js/ck/config.js
U   trunk/htdocs/js/ck/contents.css
U   trunk/htdocs/js/ck/plugins/livejournal/plugin.js
U   trunk/htdocs/js/poll.js
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