August 18th, 2011

  • zilogic

[ljcom] r10881: LJSUP-8796: After adding comment the use...

Committer: amyshkin
LJSUP-8796: After adding comment the user must stay authorized under that account under which he initiated comments
U   trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat
U   trunk/htdocs/identity/callback-facebook.bml
U   trunk/htdocs/identity/callback-google.bml
U   trunk/htdocs/identity/callback-mailru.bml
U   trunk/htdocs/identity/callback-twitter.bml
U   trunk/htdocs/identity/callback-vkontakte.bml
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  • madeon

[livejournal] r19775: Updated: user interface (for sticky and ...

Committer: sbelyaev
Updated: user interface (for sticky and dalayed entries), added new tables for delayed entries,
added delayed entries url support
U   branches/delayed_entries/bin/upgrading/
U   branches/delayed_entries/cgi-bin/Apache/
U   branches/delayed_entries/cgi-bin/LJ/
U   branches/delayed_entries/cgi-bin/LJ/
U   branches/delayed_entries/cgi-bin/LJ/Widget/
U   branches/delayed_entries/cgi-bin/
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