August 2nd, 2011

[livejournal] r19551: LJSV-1478: Inserting a link in the Rich ...

Committer: vkurkin
LJSV-1478: Inserting a link in the Rich Text editor in IE9 fails\nLJSUP-9351: Change icons for new RTE\nLJSUP-9251: Update RTE: hint for edit embeds on mouseover\nLJSUP-8974: RTE: Ability to add and display lj-like buttons
U   trunk/bin/upgrading/en.dat
U   trunk/cgi-bin/LJ/Widget/
U   trunk/htdocs/js/ck/config.js
U   trunk/htdocs/js/ck/plugins/livejournal/plugin.js
U   trunk/htdocs/js/poll.js
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[livejournal] r19564: LJSUP-9366: Change Interstitial dialog f...

Committer: amyshkin
LJSUP-9366: Change Interstitial dialog for Singapore
U   trunk/bin/upgrading/proplists.dat
U   trunk/cgi-bin/LJ/
U   trunk/cgi-bin/LJ/
U   trunk/htdocs/editjournal.bml
U   trunk/htdocs/manage/settings/index.bml
U   trunk/htdocs/tools/endpoints/widget.bml
U   trunk/htdocs/update.bml
U   trunk/htdocs/userinfo.bml
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