September 9th, 2010


[livejournal] r17312: LJSUP-6750: Change buttons in journals

Committer: narefieva
LJSUP-6750: Change buttons in journals
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_addfriend.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_del.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_dn.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_edit.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_edittags.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_flag.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_freeze.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_memories.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_next.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_prev.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_scr.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_search.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_sharethis.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_track.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_tracking.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_tracking_thread.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_unfreeze.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_unscr.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/btn_up.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/button-flag.gif
U   trunk/htdocs/img/memadd.gif
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  • andy

[livejournal] r17325: LJSV-407 ("Date Out of Order" Option Som...

Committer: ailyin
LJSV-407 ("Date Out of Order" Option Sometimes Not Recognized);

- this should fix the problem with users every now and then getting an error 153 (Incorrect time value), even though their future-date entry is marked date out of order
- mad props to intrepia for documenting steps to reproduce this
U   trunk/cgi-bin/
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