November 23rd, 2009

  • andy

[ljcom] r7910: LJSUP-5112: new feature: stocks for send...

Committer: ailyin
LJSUP-5112: new feature: stocks for sendmail

- you can add new ones on /admin/sendmail/stocks.bml;
- it requires siteadmin:manageemailstocks or siteadmin:manageemailstocks/$addr (if remote is only allowed to change stocks assigned to particular
- people who are unable to see stocks but are able to see them can see them on /admin/sendmail/stocks.bml as well;

- and of course, the stocks can be used on /admin/sendmail/send.bml; there's a new drop-down for that.

As an addition, "From:" name in abuse@ emails have been changed from "LJ Abuse Team" to "LJ Abuse Prevention Team".

Known issue: stocks.bml doesn't check privileges as rigorously as it should; a follow-up commit will address this.

U   trunk/bin/upgrading/
A   trunk/cgi-bin/LJ/Sendmail/
A   trunk/cgi-bin/LJ/Sendmail/
A   trunk/cgi-bin/LJ/
U   trunk/htdocs/admin/sendmail/send.bml
A   trunk/htdocs/admin/sendmail/stocks.bml
A   trunk/htdocs/admin/sendmail/stocks.bml.text
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