September 2nd, 2009

  • vadvs

[livejournal] r15662: Disable global warnings

Committer: vsukhanov
Disable global warnings

U   trunk/bin/worker/birthday-notify
U   trunk/bin/worker/lazy-cleanup
U   trunk/bin/worker/ping-weblogscom
U   trunk/bin/worker/process-esn
U   trunk/bin/worker/search-updater
U   trunk/bin/worker/send-email
U   trunk/bin/worker/send-email-mass
U   trunk/bin/worker/support-notify
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[livejournal] r15664: LJSUP-4828: Fix bug where extra space is...

Committer: henrylyne
LJSUP-4828: Fix bug where extra space is being inserted after username with span tags and Notes info.
There is a space being inserted after the user div, but FCK Editor is wrapping span tags around it. I removed the space for the initial insert, and then added the space in a second insert step, that seems to fix the problem.

U   trunk/htdocs/stc/fck/editor/plugins/livejournal/fckplugin.js
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