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wisest owl

[ljcom] r13117: LJSUP-14600: Errors for shop

Committer: wisest-owl
LJSUP-14600: Errors for shop

U   trunk/cgi-bin/LJ/Pay/Payment/PayItem.pm
U   trunk/htdocs/pay/modify.bml.text.local
Modified: trunk/cgi-bin/LJ/Pay/Payment/PayItem.pm
--- trunk/cgi-bin/LJ/Pay/Payment/PayItem.pm	2013-01-17 12:01:31 UTC (rev 13116)
+++ trunk/cgi-bin/LJ/Pay/Payment/PayItem.pm	2013-01-18 12:34:48 UTC (rev 13117)
@@ -290,6 +290,7 @@
     my $dbh = _get_dbh();
     unless ($self->get_piid) {
+        use Carp qw/croak/;
         croak("Can't set a payitemprop un unsaved payitem");

Modified: trunk/htdocs/pay/modify.bml.text.local
--- trunk/htdocs/pay/modify.bml.text.local	2013-01-17 12:01:31 UTC (rev 13116)
+++ trunk/htdocs/pay/modify.bml.text.local	2013-01-18 12:34:48 UTC (rev 13117)
@@ -60,6 +60,10 @@
 .error.cannot_buy_theme_as_gift_for_self=Sorry, you can't buy the theme [[theme_name]] as gift for yourself.
+.error.cannot_buy_theme_wrong_usernames=Sorry, you can't buy theme theme [[theme_name]] for [[users]] users.
+.error.cannot_buyout_theme_more_one_user=Sorry, you can't buyout the theme [[theme_name]] for more one users.
 .error.cantaddcoupon=Error adding coupon to order: [[errormsg]]
 .error.cantaddcoupontoemptyorder=Can't add a coupon to an empty order. Add items first, then apply your coupon.

Tags: ljcom, local, pm, wisest-owl

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