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[ljcom] r12650: LJSUP-13431: Antispam for edited entries...

Committer: afedorov
LJSUP-13431: Antispam for edited entries in the communities

U   trunk/bin/upgrading/proplists-local.dat
U   trunk/htdocs/community/settings.bml.text.local
Modified: trunk/bin/upgrading/proplists-local.dat
--- trunk/bin/upgrading/proplists-local.dat	2012-09-14 10:29:34 UTC (rev 12649)
+++ trunk/bin/upgrading/proplists-local.dat	2012-09-14 13:06:57 UTC (rev 12650)
@@ -673,6 +673,14 @@
   datatype: char
   des: Journal & community spam protection
+  indexed: 0
+  cldversion: 8
+  multihomed: 0
+  prettyname: Check non White List
+  datatype: char
+  des: Check new links/images from non white list on spam
     cldversion: 7
     datatype: bool

Modified: trunk/htdocs/community/settings.bml.text.local
--- trunk/htdocs/community/settings.bml.text.local	2012-09-14 10:29:34 UTC (rev 12649)
+++ trunk/htdocs/community/settings.bml.text.local	2012-09-14 13:06:57 UTC (rev 12650)
@@ -3,6 +3,8 @@
 .label.anybodycan=<b>All Members</b><br />Anybody can post immediately once a member.
+.label.check_non_whitelist=Check new links/images from non white list
 .label.commcreate=This is the account that you want to turn into a community.  It must <a href="/create.bml">already be created</a>, but should not already be in use by an individual, because after this, many different people will potentially be able to post in it.
 .label.createtext=From here you can create a community account.  A community is a special type of account that other users can join and post in.  For an example of a community, check out the <a href="">Seattle Party Community</a>.

Tags: afedorov, dat, ljcom, local, red_alf

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