журнал (shhh) wrote in changelog,

[livejournal] r22481: LJSUP-12790: Paid Repost text variables

Committer: nnikulochkina
LJSUP-12790: Paid Repost text variables
U   trunk/bin/upgrading/en.dat
Modified: trunk/bin/upgrading/en.dat
--- trunk/bin/upgrading/en.dat	2012-07-20 17:25:29 UTC (rev 22480)
+++ trunk/bin/upgrading/en.dat	2012-07-23 09:27:42 UTC (rev 22481)
@@ -9439,6 +9439,8 @@
 xmlrpc.error.156=Terms of Service agreement required
 xmlrpc.error.157=Tags error
 xmlrpc.error.158=You have no rights to make this entry sticky
+xmlrpc.error.159=Cannot create scheduled entry containing paid repost button
+xmlrpc.error.160=Cannot create or edit paid repost offer
 xmlrpc.error.200=Missing required argument(s)
 xmlrpc.error.201=Unknown method
 xmlrpc.error.202=Too many arguments
@@ -9461,6 +9463,7 @@
 xmlrpc.error.219=Missing mandatory argument (id or ids)
 xmlrpc.error.220=Can't use such view mode
 xmlrpc.error.221=Unknown language
+xmlrpc.error.222=Cannot create or update paid repost button via API
 xmlrpc.error.300=Don't have access to requested journal
 xmlrpc.error.301=Access of restricted feature
 xmlrpc.error.302=Can't edit post from requested journal

Tags: dat, livejournal, nikulochkina, nnikulochkina

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