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[ljcom] r12107: LJSUP-12565: Move xmlrpc text variables ...

Committer: nnikulochkina
LJSUP-12565: Move xmlrpc text variables from en_LJ.dat to en.dat
U   trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat
Modified: trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat
--- trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat	2012-06-14 09:21:33 UTC (rev 12106)
+++ trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat	2012-06-14 09:33:39 UTC (rev 12107)
@@ -14894,135 +14894,6 @@
 xcolibur.upgrade=Upgrade Your Account
-xmlrpc.client_error=Client error: 
-xmlrpc.des.and=[[first]] and [[second]]
-xmlrpc.des.bad_value=Bad [[param]] value
-xmlrpc.des.cannnot_display_post=Cannot display this post. Please see [[siteroot]]/support/encodings.bml for more information.
-xmlrpc.des.cannnot_generate_items=No itemid could be generated
-xmlrpc.des.date_unixtime=Invalid [[param]] date format (must be unixtime)
-xmlrpc.des.entries_limit=Can't retrieve more than [[limit]] entries at once
-xmlrpc.des.entry_time_conflict=You have an entry which was posted at [[newesteventtime]], but you're trying to post an entry before this. Please check the date and time of both entries. If the other entry is set in the future on purpose, edit that entry to use the "Date Out of Order" option. Otherwise, use the "Date Out of Order" option for this entry instead.
-xmlrpc.des.foreign_comment=Thread contains somebody else's comment. dtalkid:[[dtalkid]]
-xmlrpc.des.friends_add_not_allowed=Journal type cannot add friends
-xmlrpc.des.friends_security=Invalid friends group security set
-xmlrpc.des.friend_groups_fail=Error loading friend groups
-xmlrpc.des.inbox_fail=Cannot get user inbox
-xmlrpc.des.invalid_group=Invalid group names. Please see $LJ::SITEROOT/support/encodings.bml for more information.
-xmlrpc.des.maintainer_poll=Maintainer election poll
-xmlrpc.des.message_empty=found: [[len]] characters, it should exceed zero
-xmlrpc.des.message_long=found: [[len]] characters, it should not exceed [[limit]]
-xmlrpc.des.need_unicode_client=Posting in a community with international or special characters require a Unicode-capable LiveJournal client.  Download one at http://www.livejournal.com/download/.
-xmlrpc.des.non_arifmetic=Non-numeric [[param]] '[[value]]'
-xmlrpc.des.non_boolean=Property [[param]] should be 0 or 1
-xmlrpc.des.not_ascii=non-ASCII names require a Unicode-capable client
-xmlrpc.des.not_poll_owner=You are not owner of the poll
-xmlrpc.des.not_unicode=This installation does not support Unicode clients
-xmlrpc.des.not_unicode_client=Cannot display/edit a Unicode post with a non-Unicode client. Please see [[siteroot]]/support/encodings.bml for more information.
-xmlrpc.des.not_valid_unicode=The text entered is not a valid UTF-8 stream
-xmlrpc.des.no_comment_by_param=[[param]] (specified comment doesn't exist in requested journal)
-xmlrpc.des.no_post_by_param=[[param]] (specified post doesn't exist in requested journal)
-xmlrpc.des.or=[[first]] or [[second]]
-xmlrpc.des.poll_not_permitted=Your account type doesn't permit creating polls.
-xmlrpc.des.send_gzip_fail=Cannot send gzipped data
-xmlrpc.des.suspended_add_friend=Suspended journals cannot add friends.
-xmlrpc.des.syncitems_unavailable=syncitems is unavailable in anonymous mode
-xmlrpc.error.100=Invalid username
-xmlrpc.error.101=Invalid password
-xmlrpc.error.102=Can't use custom/private security on shared/community journals.
-xmlrpc.error.103=Poll error
-xmlrpc.error.104=Error adding one or more friends
-xmlrpc.error.105=Challenge expired
-xmlrpc.error.150=Can't post as non-user
-xmlrpc.error.151=Banned from journal
-xmlrpc.error.152=Can't make back-dated entries in non-personal journal.
-xmlrpc.error.153=Incorrect time value
-xmlrpc.error.154=Can't add a redirected account as a friend
-xmlrpc.error.155=Non-authenticated email address
-xmlrpc.error.156=Terms of Service agreement required
-xmlrpc.error.157=Tags error
-xmlrpc.error.158=You have no rights to make this entry sticky
-xmlrpc.error.200=Missing required argument(s)
-xmlrpc.error.201=Unknown method
-xmlrpc.error.202=Too many arguments
-xmlrpc.error.203=Invalid argument(s)
-xmlrpc.error.204=Invalid metadata datatype
-xmlrpc.error.205=Unknown metadata
-xmlrpc.error.206=Invalid destination journal username.
-xmlrpc.error.207=Protocol version mismatch
-xmlrpc.error.208=Invalid text encoding
-xmlrpc.error.209=Parameter out of range
-xmlrpc.error.210=Client tried to edit with corrupt data.  Preventing.
-xmlrpc.error.211=Invalid or malformed tag list
-xmlrpc.error.212=Message body is too long
-xmlrpc.error.213=Message body is empty
-xmlrpc.error.214=Message looks like spam
-xmlrpc.error.215=Timezone is not set
-xmlrpc.error.216=Unknown post type
-xmlrpc.error.217=Can't convert posted item to delayed
-xmlrpc.error.218=Wrong selecttype
-xmlrpc.error.219=Missing mandatory argument (id or ids)
-xmlrpc.error.220=Can't use such view mode
-xmlrpc.error.221=Unknown language
-xmlrpc.error.300=Don't have access to requested journal
-xmlrpc.error.301=Access of restricted feature
-xmlrpc.error.302=Can't edit post from requested journal
-xmlrpc.error.303=Can't edit post in community journal
-xmlrpc.error.304=Can't delete post in this community journal
-xmlrpc.error.305=Action forbidden; account is suspended.
-xmlrpc.error.306=This journal is temporarily in read-only mode.  Try again in a couple minutes.
-xmlrpc.error.307=Selected journal no longer exists.
-xmlrpc.error.308=Account is locked and cannot be used.
-xmlrpc.error.309=Account is marked as a memorial.
-xmlrpc.error.310=Account needs to be age verified before use.
-xmlrpc.error.311=Access temporarily disabled.
-xmlrpc.error.312=Not allowed to add tags to entries in this journal
-xmlrpc.error.313=Must use existing tags for entries in this journal (can't create new ones)
-xmlrpc.error.314=Only paid users allowed to use this request
-xmlrpc.error.315=User messaging is currently disabled
-xmlrpc.error.316=Poster is read-only and cannot post entries.
-xmlrpc.error.317=Journal is read-only and entries cannot be posted to it.
-xmlrpc.error.318=Poster is read-only and cannot edit entries.
-xmlrpc.error.319=Journal is read-only and its entries cannot be edited.
-xmlrpc.error.320=Sorry, there was a problem with content of the entry
-xmlrpc.error.321=Sorry, deleting is temporary disabled. Entry is 'private' now
-xmlrpc.error.322=Not allowed to post to community with moderation queue
-xmlrpc.error.323=Root entry is suspended; action is prohibited
-xmlrpc.error.324=Parent comment is frozen; action is prohibited
-xmlrpc.error.325=Can't edit that comment.
-xmlrpc.error.326=Not allowed to edit or delete this comment
-xmlrpc.error.327=Selected comment has been already deleted
-xmlrpc.error.328=Can't delete all user comments
-xmlrpc.error.329=Can't ban user
-xmlrpc.error.330=Can't mark comment as spam
-xmlrpc.error.331=Bad request (Invalid authorization data)
-xmlrpc.error.332=Authorization failed
-xmlrpc.error.334=User has not authorized application
-xmlrpc.error.402=Your IP address is temporarily banned for exceeding the login failure rate.
-xmlrpc.error.404=Cannot post
-xmlrpc.error.405=Post frequency limit.
-xmlrpc.error.406=Client is making repeated requests.  Perhaps it's broken?
-xmlrpc.error.407=Moderation queue full
-xmlrpc.error.408=Maximum queued posts for this community+poster combination reached.
-xmlrpc.error.409=Post too large.
-xmlrpc.error.410=Your trial account has expired.  Posting now disabled.
-xmlrpc.error.411=Action frequency limit.
-xmlrpc.error.412=Subscribe limit reached.
-xmlrpc.error.413=Rate limit exceeded
-xmlrpc.error.500=Internal server error
-xmlrpc.error.501=Database error
-xmlrpc.error.502=Database temporarily unavailable
-xmlrpc.error.503=Error obtaining necessary database lock
-xmlrpc.error.504=Protocol mode no longer supported.
-xmlrpc.error.505=Account data format on server is old and needs to be upgraded. # cluster0
-xmlrpc.error.506=Journal sync temporarily unavailable.
-xmlrpc.error.507=Delayed entry 'create' failed
-xmlrpc.error.508=Delayed entry 'edit' failed
-xmlrpc.server_error=Server error: 
 ysearch.error=Search Error

Tags: dat, ljcom, nikulochkina, nnikulochkina

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