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[ljcom] r11733: LJSUP-11773: XML RPC errors localization...

Committer: nnikulochkina
LJSUP-11773: XML RPC errors localization
U   trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat
Modified: trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat
--- trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat	2012-04-19 12:51:23 UTC (rev 11732)
+++ trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat	2012-04-19 12:55:03 UTC (rev 11733)
@@ -14459,14 +14459,37 @@
 xmlrpc.client_error=Client error: 
+xmlrpc.des.and=[[first]] and [[second]]
+xmlrpc.des.bad_value=Bad [[param]] value
+xmlrpc.des.cannnot_display_post=Cannot display this post. Please see [[siteroot]]/support/encodings.bml for more information.
+xmlrpc.des.cannnot_generate_items=No itemid could be generated
+xmlrpc.des.date_unixtime=Invalid [[param]] date format (must be unixtime)
+xmlrpc.des.entries_limit=Can't retrieve more than [[limit]] entries at once
+xmlrpc.des.entry_time_conflict=You have an entry which was posted at [[newesteventtime]], but you're trying to post an entry before this. Please check the date and time of both entries. If the other entry is set in the future on purpose, edit that entry to use the "Date Out of Order" option. Otherwise, use the "Date Out of Order" option for this entry instead.
+xmlrpc.des.foreign_comment=Thread contains somebody else's comment. dtalkid:[[dtalkid]]
+xmlrpc.des.friends_add_not_allowed=Journal type cannot add friends
+xmlrpc.des.friends_security=Invalid friends group security set
+xmlrpc.des.friend_groups_fail=Error loading friend groups
+xmlrpc.des.inbox_fail=Cannot get user inbox
+xmlrpc.des.invalid_group=Invalid group names. Please see $LJ::SITEROOT/support/encodings.bml for more information.
 xmlrpc.des.maintainer_poll=Maintainer election poll
+xmlrpc.des.message_empty=found: [[len]] characters, it should exceed zero
 xmlrpc.des.message_long=found: [[len]] characters, it should not exceed [[limit]]
-xmlrpc.des.message_empty=found: [[len]] characters, it should exceed zero
+xmlrpc.des.need_unicode_client=Posting in a community with international or special characters require a Unicode-capable LiveJournal client.  Download one at http://www.livejournal.com/download/.
 xmlrpc.des.non_arifmetic=Non-numeric [[param]] '[[value]]'
+xmlrpc.des.non_boolean=Property [[param]] should be 0 or 1
+xmlrpc.des.not_ascii=non-ASCII names require a Unicode-capable client
 xmlrpc.des.not_poll_owner=You are not owner of the poll
+xmlrpc.des.not_unicode=This installation does not support Unicode clients
+xmlrpc.des.not_unicode_client=Cannot display/edit a Unicode post with a non-Unicode client. Please see [[siteroot]]/support/encodings.bml for more information.
+xmlrpc.des.not_valid_unicode=The text entered is not a valid UTF-8 stream
 xmlrpc.des.no_comment_by_param=[[param]] (specified comment doesn't exist in requested journal)
 xmlrpc.des.no_post_by_param=[[param]] (specified post doesn't exist in requested journal)
 xmlrpc.des.or=[[first]] or [[second]]
+xmlrpc.des.poll_not_permitted=Your account type doesn't permit creating polls.
+xmlrpc.des.send_gzip_fail=Cannot send gzipped data
+xmlrpc.des.suspended_add_friend=Suspended journals cannot add friends.
+xmlrpc.des.syncitems_unavailable=syncitems is unavailable in anonymous mode
 xmlrpc.error.100=Invalid username
 xmlrpc.error.101=Invalid password

Tags: dat, ljcom, nikulochkina, nnikulochkina

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