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[ljcom] r11727: LJSUP-11773: XML RPC errors localization...

Committer: nnikulochkina
LJSUP-11773: XML RPC errors localization
U   trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat
Modified: trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat
--- trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat	2012-04-18 14:46:42 UTC (rev 11726)
+++ trunk/bin/upgrading/en_LJ.dat	2012-04-18 15:10:41 UTC (rev 11727)
@@ -14392,6 +14392,102 @@
 xcolibur.upgrade=Upgrade Your Account
+xmlrpc.client_error=Client error: 
+xmlrpc.des.maintainer_poll=Maintainer election poll
+xmlrpc.des.non_arifmetic=Non-numeric [[param]] '[[value]]'
+xmlrpc.des.not_poll_owner=You are not owner of the poll
+xmlrpc.des.no_comment_by_param=[[param]] (specified comment doesn't exist in requested journal)
+xmlrpc.des.no_post_by_param=[[param]] (specified post doesn't exist in requested journal)
+xmlrpc.des.or=[[first]] or [[second]]
+xmlrpc.error.100=Invalid username
+xmlrpc.error.101=Invalid password
+xmlrpc.error.102=Can't use custom/private security on shared/community journals.
+xmlrpc.error.103=Poll error
+xmlrpc.error.104=Error adding one or more friends
+xmlrpc.error.105=Challenge expired
+xmlrpc.error.150=Can't post as non-user
+xmlrpc.error.151=Banned from journal
+xmlrpc.error.152=Can't make back-dated entries in non-personal journal.
+xmlrpc.error.153=Incorrect time value
+xmlrpc.error.154=Can't add a redirected account as a friend
+xmlrpc.error.155=Non-authenticated email address
+xmlrpc.error.156=Terms of Service agreement required
+xmlrpc.error.157=Tags error
+xmlrpc.error.158=You have no rights to make this entry sticky
+xmlrpc.error.200=Missing required argument(s)
+xmlrpc.error.201=Unknown method
+xmlrpc.error.202=Too many arguments
+xmlrpc.error.203=Invalid argument(s)
+xmlrpc.error.204=Invalid metadata datatype
+xmlrpc.error.205=Unknown metadata
+xmlrpc.error.206=Invalid destination journal username.
+xmlrpc.error.207=Protocol version mismatch
+xmlrpc.error.208=Invalid text encoding
+xmlrpc.error.209=Parameter out of range
+xmlrpc.error.210=Client tried to edit with corrupt data.  Preventing.
+xmlrpc.error.211=Invalid or malformed tag list
+xmlrpc.error.212=Message body is too long
+xmlrpc.error.213=Message body is empty
+xmlrpc.error.214=Message looks like spam
+xmlrpc.error.215=Timezone is not set
+xmlrpc.error.216=Unknown post type
+xmlrpc.error.217=Can't convert posted item to delayed
+xmlrpc.error.218=Wrong selecttype
+xmlrpc.error.219=Missing mandatory argument (id or ids)
+xmlrpc.error.220=Can't use such view mode
+xmlrpc.error.221=Unknown language
+xmlrpc.error.300=Don't have access to requested journal
+xmlrpc.error.301=Access of restricted feature
+xmlrpc.error.302=Can't edit post from requested journal
+xmlrpc.error.303=Can't edit post in community journal
+xmlrpc.error.304=Can't delete post in this community journal
+xmlrpc.error.305=Action forbidden; account is suspended.
+xmlrpc.error.306=This journal is temporarily in read-only mode.  Try again in a couple minutes.
+xmlrpc.error.307=Selected journal no longer exists.
+xmlrpc.error.308=Account is locked and cannot be used.
+xmlrpc.error.309=Account is marked as a memorial.
+xmlrpc.error.310=Account needs to be age verified before use.
+xmlrpc.error.311=Access temporarily disabled.
+xmlrpc.error.312=Not allowed to add tags to entries in this journal
+xmlrpc.error.313=Must use existing tags for entries in this journal (can't create new ones)
+xmlrpc.error.314=Only paid users allowed to use this request
+xmlrpc.error.315=User messaging is currently disabled
+xmlrpc.error.316=Poster is read-only and cannot post entries.
+xmlrpc.error.317=Journal is read-only and entries cannot be posted to it.
+xmlrpc.error.318=Poster is read-only and cannot edit entries.
+xmlrpc.error.319=Journal is read-only and its entries cannot be edited.
+xmlrpc.error.320=Sorry, there was a problem with content of the entry
+xmlrpc.error.321=Sorry, deleting is temporary disabled. Entry is 'private' now
+xmlrpc.error.322=Not allowed to post to community with moderation queue
+xmlrpc.error.323=Root entry is suspended; action is prohibited
+xmlrpc.error.324=Parent comment is frozen; action is prohibited
+xmlrpc.error.325=Can't edit that comment.
+xmlrpc.error.326=Not allowed to edit or delete this comment
+xmlrpc.error.327=Selected comment has been already deleted
+xmlrpc.error.402=Your IP address is temporarily banned for exceeding the login failure rate.
+xmlrpc.error.404=Cannot post
+xmlrpc.error.405=Post frequency limit.
+xmlrpc.error.406=Client is making repeated requests.  Perhaps it's broken?
+xmlrpc.error.407=Moderation queue full
+xmlrpc.error.408=Maximum queued posts for this community+poster combination reached.
+xmlrpc.error.409=Post too large.
+xmlrpc.error.410=Your trial account has expired.  Posting now disabled.
+xmlrpc.error.411=Action frequency limit.
+xmlrpc.error.412=Subscribe limit reached.
+xmlrpc.error.500=Internal server error
+xmlrpc.error.501=Database error
+xmlrpc.error.502=Database temporarily unavailable
+xmlrpc.error.503=Error obtaining necessary database lock
+xmlrpc.error.504=Protocol mode no longer supported.
+xmlrpc.error.505=Account data format on server is old and needs to be upgraded. # cluster0
+xmlrpc.error.506=Journal sync temporarily unavailable.
+xmlrpc.error.507=Delayed entry 'create' failed
+xmlrpc.error.508=Delayed entry 'edit' failed
+xmlrpc.server_error=Server error: 
 ysearch.error=Search Error

Tags: dat, ljcom, nikulochkina, nnikulochkina

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