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[ljcom] r11378: LJSUP-10937: Some locale string variable...

Committer: vtroitsky
LJSUP-10937: Some locale string variables added.
U   trunk/htdocs/shop/selfpromo.bml.text.local
Modified: trunk/htdocs/shop/selfpromo.bml.text.local
--- trunk/htdocs/shop/selfpromo.bml.text.local	2012-01-31 13:27:51 UTC (rev 11377)
+++ trunk/htdocs/shop/selfpromo.bml.text.local	2012-01-31 14:24:47 UTC (rev 11378)
@@ -19,6 +19,8 @@
 .current_price=[[price]] [[?price|LJ Token|LJ Tokens|LJ Tokens]]
 .entry_was_promoted=This entry was promoted in SelfPromo
+.journal_was_promoted=This journal was promoted in SelfPromo
+.community_was_promoted=This community was promoted in SelfPromo
 .error.entry_ineligible.cannot_manage=You cannot promote the entry at <a href="[[entry_url]]">[[entry_url]]</a> because you are not its author or community's owner/maintainer.
@@ -55,8 +57,12 @@
 .error.wallet_insufficient_funds=You only have [[have]] [[?have|LJ Token|LJ Tokens]] in your Wallet, which is not enough to pay [[need]] [[?need|LJ Token||LJ Tokens]] for promotion. your entry for just 100 tokens your entry for just 100 tokens your journal for just 100 tokens
+ your community for just 100 tokens
 .history=View SelfPromo history
@@ -125,5 +131,7 @@
 .warning.log_in=This service is available for logged in users only. Please <a href="">sign in</a> or <a href="">sign up</a>. entry could be here entry could be here journal could be here community could be here

Tags: ljcom, local, sunnyman, vtroitsky

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