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[livejournal] r19494: LJSUP-9289: Copy ljtimes feature for sin...

Committer: amyshkin
LJSUP-9289: Copy ljtimes feature for singapore
U   trunk/cgi-bin/ljdb.pl
Modified: trunk/cgi-bin/ljdb.pl
--- trunk/cgi-bin/ljdb.pl	2011-07-19 06:35:26 UTC (rev 19493)
+++ trunk/cgi-bin/ljdb.pl	2011-07-19 07:16:28 UTC (rev 19494)
@@ -433,10 +433,11 @@
     return undef unless $db && $lockname;
     return undef unless $dbrole eq 'global' || $dbrole eq 'user';
-    my $curr_sub = (caller 1)[3]; # caller of current sub
+    my $curr_sub = join(", ", ((caller 1)[0..3])); # caller of current sub
     # die if somebody already has a lock
-    die "LOCK ERROR: $curr_sub; can't get lock from: $LJ::LOCK_OUT{$dbrole}\n"
+    use Carp qw/cluck confess/;
+    confess "LOCK ERROR: can't get lock from\n$curr_sub\nbecause it's already taken from\n$LJ::LOCK_OUT{$dbrole}\n"
         if exists $LJ::LOCK_OUT{$dbrole};
     # get a lock from mysql

Tags: livejournal, pl, zilogic

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